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Technologies And Significance

Fret Technology : Multi press parts are converted into a single part – FRET and later de-linked at sub-assembly or assembly stage. Advantage of no. of child parts reduced and final assembly made more reliable, simple and cost effective.

Spring Less Switch : The function of spring integrated in to the contact terminal by using specific design and raw material. This results in the elimination of spring in the Switch and achieve tact feel on operating of Switch.

Back Lighting : This is the illumination in the Switch for the Legend and ON/OFF status indication. This facilitates the Driver or Passenger to easily find the location, identify application and status of Switch function especially during night conditions. The lighting is by miniature bulbs or L.E.D.’s and output can be in different colours or wavelengths. The display is attained by insert moulding or decorative moulding or laser etched.

Cam Driven : A Pin is which is guided in a complex profile of Cam, is used in the Switch for push to ON and push to OFF operation. This also enable to have a smooth operating and latching feel in the Switch.

Moulded Connector Switch : The harness connecting Coupler is integrated into the Switch as part of the Switch. This enables an enhanced performance of the Switch function due to elimination of joints of soldering, crimping. Switch becomes sleek in appearance, which makes it easy in handling, packing and forwarding. Further, all this is at a reduction in cost with increased reliability.

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