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Combination Switch :
Control of multi functions :
  1. Turn signals
  2. Lane changing
  3. Parking Lights
  4. Head Lights
  5. High/Low beam
  6. Flash high beam
  7. Wiper – low/high speed
  8. Intermittent Wiper
  9. Wash
  10. Fog Lamp

Power Window Switch :
Controls the Power Windows of the Car. This operates window glass UP and DOWN. This switch can be integrated with Electronic Module for additional features like One Touch UP/ DOWN.

Power Seat Switch :
Controls the movement of electrically operated Seats.
The controls can be for:
  1. Seat height adjustment – UP and DOWN.
  2. Seat forward and backward.
  3. Seat recline forward and backward.

Facia Switch / Piano Key Switch :
Panel mounted Switches and available for various applications of control of Head Lamps, High/Low beam, Wiper, Rear Fog, Front Fog, Demisting, AC. The Switch is of latching or rocker as per customer requirement. The symbols/legends can be printed or illuminated with ON status indication.

Head Lamp Levelling Switch :
The Head Lamp can be adjusted for various positions by a Motor, which is controlled by Head Lamp Levelling Switch. Normally there are three different resistance outputs in the Switch, which is interfaced with the electronic module in the Head Lamp Motor Assembly. This results in three different position of Head Lamp according to the Switch position.

Blower Switch :
To control the blower fan speed in an automobile.

A/C Switch :
To switch ON and OFF the Air Conditioner in an automobile.

Brake Light Switch :
Switches ON and OFF, the Brake Lights when brake is applied in a vehicle.

Reverse Light Switch :
The Reverse Lights in an automobile are switched ON whenever the Gear is engaged into reverse position. This can be a NO or NC switch as per the application requirement.

Door Switch :
The Roof Lamp in the Car gets switched ON and OFF when the Door is opened and closed respectively. A Normally Closed Switch with protection from Dust, Water and Environment conditions.

Multi-function Switch :
Single assembly controls multiple functions like Direction Indicators, Head Lamp – High/Low beam, Horn, Wiper.

Leg Room Light Assembly Switch :
To illuminate the leg room area of the driver and passengers. This will value add the ambience of the interior of the vehicle.

Wash and Spin Switch :
Selector switch for different was and spin programs in a Washing Machine

LED Assembly :
To illuminate the wash tub of a washing machine with operating voltage 230 V AC.

Hazard Warning Light Switch :
All Side Lights in an automobile start blinking when this is activated, which indicates the vehicle is not in normal state. This can be a Rocker or a Latching type Switch.

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