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Steps To Download The Application

Step 1

Click on Download App on the website to download an APK file. After downloading the file, you see a message indicating that the file contains unsafe content and you must ensure you trust the sender before you open and install it. When you see this message, click on Open.

Step 2

A message stating that your phone is disallowed from installing unknown apps from this source is displayed.
Click on Settings.


Step 3

Click on Allow from this Source.


Step 4

A message asking if you want to install this application, and that it does not require any special access is displayed. Click on the Install button at the bottom to install the application.


Step 5

Once installed, click on Scan Again to see our Product name BM70-BLE at the top (as shown in the image). Click on it to connect your vehicle with the application.

Downloading Steps In Images